Posted by: simplysheridan | July 29, 2010

Oil and Vinegar

Some of you may be thinking this is a volatile little (but compellingly beautiful) brunette who cause a bit of havoc in my world a few years ago, but it’s actually about olive oil and balsamic vinegar. As a kid, I wasn’t a fan of oil and vinegar – may have been that most restaurants had poor quality back then or it was just something that’s not going to resonate with an Irish kid. Now I’m a big fan and going back to simplifying life – I’ve done away with other dressings and it’s my main salad option (I do blue cheese at restaurants, but not home). Start with spinach or arugala, the vinegar and oil, and top with any combination of black pepper, good parmesan/romano, sundried or fresh tomatoes (or a bunch of other possibilities) and you’ve got a quick salad with a fresh flavor and no food additives. You can go heavy or light on the oil depending on your mood and waistline. It’s all about tasting the food – hope you’re all making the most of the tomato season – I had a couple from my father’s garden with mozzerella today. I used to think unlimited food variety was a great thing, but now I’m not so sure – so more and more I’m going with the wisdom of our ancestors and eating things we know from thousands of years of experience are good for us!


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