Posted by: simplysheridan | July 29, 2010

Self Censorship

I’m realizing that the challenge of writing about life is what to share and what to suppress. It’s not a matter of anything scandalous (at least not at the moment), but each of our lives intersects with many others and people have widely differing views of privacy even when it comes to good things. While things are still up and down, I’ve had a number of remarkable moments during the last week or so. While I don’t feel like you need to ask permission to write about something that wasn’t gained in confidence, at the same time it’s hard to conceal things which are close in time when your primary audience is friends and family. Writing fiction is much easier because of the time lag between facts and publication and the ability to conceal defining qualities of the people involved. On the other hand, there are good things worth sharing, so I guess I’ll figure it out as I go along. An anonymous blog would be one solution, but I really believe you should sign your name to what you write and own it. I also believe that politicians should have to write their own speeches and conduct their own press conferences with PR people doing it for them – forget about campaign finance reform, if all candidates had to be the man or woman behind the podium, we would much more easily weed the idiots out before they’re elected. So while I think I can share some good stories here, a lot of the best stuff will probably have to go in a journal for future fiction use – a big part of living simply is the avoidance of conflict, especially with those closest to you (while EB White frequently mentioned his son, his essays rarely mention his wife in detail). If you feel different about a writer’s responsibilities, please share.


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